Data Export

Data export allows saving data as TIFF; it operates for the following types of data:

  • Results of RGB-render
  • All color channels of RAW file; resulting TIFF file will contain one, three or four channels, depending on the type of RAW
  • Separate color channel of the RAW file; exported as a monochrome TIFF

Upon starting data export (Menu->File->Export Tiff) the follow dialog is presented to the user:

Export options, located below the file name input line, control the file export:

Data section allows to set the type of the data to be exported:

  1. RGB Render: this option sets the export to RGB.

    This option will be available if RGB rendition was calculated for the RAW file. If the option is unavailable, it is greyed out and unavailable for selection.

    If RGB option is selected RAW and Bayer processing options are made unavailable.

    Data is exported into 8-bit Tiff- file:
    1. Single channel (Grayscale), if the RAW file is recorded using monochrome camera.
    2. 4-channel (interpreted by image processing software as CMYK), if the source RAW file is 4-color (RGBE, CMYG, etc.) and the settings state Display RGB Render in RAW colors . The values in the file will be inverted with white coded as 0 and black coded as 255, as it is traditional for CMYK.
    3. 3-channel RGB-file in all other cases.
  2. RAW composite the resulting TIFF will contain RAW data coming from all the color channels from the source RAW file.

    The data will be processed according to the settings in Raw processing and Bayer processing options (for Bayer type RAW files) sections.

    The result on the export is a 16-bit TIFF-file:
    1. Single channel (grayscale) for monochrome RAW files.
    2. Single channel (grayscale) for Bayer RAW, if in the Bayer Processing Options the mode Single layer (Grayscale) pixel map is set.
    3. 3-channel RGB or four channel RGBG if three-channel RGB output is chosen.
    4. 4-channel (non-inverted, white coded at full scale, black coded as 0) interpreted as CMYK negative for all other cases.
  3. Raw channel (need to select the channel from the drop-down menu) the output is 16-bit single channel (greyscale) TIFF file containing the selected color channel from the RAW file.

Raw processing section allows setting the output processing options:

  1. 3-channel (RGB) output two green channels of RGBG files will be averaged.

    This setting will be greyed out for non-RGBG files.
  2. Autoscale to use full 16-bit range RAW data pixel values will be multiplied by a coefficient calculated so as to stretch the date to fill the whole 16-bit output range.

    For YCbCr data channels Y and Cb/Cr are scaled with different multipliers (for more details on YCbCr please see Show YCbCr data for Canon sRAW files in Settings section below).

    In all other cases the scaling multiplier is the same for all channels.
  3. Apply gamma 2.2 curve if this option is on , the output is gamma-corrected to gamma 2.2, and if it is off the output contains linear data.

Autoscaling and gamma-correction are rounding the values to integers. These options are better suited for visual inspection of data. If the data is to undergo numerical analyses, we recommend switching off all options in the RAW processing section. This way it is guaranteed that the data is accurate.

Bayer processing section controls the output for Bayer-type 2 x 2 pattern RAW files. For all other types of RAW and pseudo-RAW files (monochrome, linear DNG, Canon sRAW) this section is unavailable.

  1. Half Size 2 x 2 Bayer pattern will be binned and recorded as a single RGB pixel, and the resulting TIFF file will be half of the pixel dimensions of the censor.
  2. 2x2 pixels the resulting file will be of full size, though pixel values in 2 x 2 patterns will be the same.
  3. Fill missing values w/ zeroes the resulting file will be of full size, but only the data presented in source RAW data will be meaningfull, while all the missing values will be zeroed out.
  4. Single layer (grayscale) pixel map This will be exported as a full-sized single channel (grayscale) file, where every pixel contains data corresponding to its pixel value in the matrix. The color information can be restored at a later stage of the user-supplied processing routine by taking the original Bayer pattern into account.

    This mode is intended for use with cameras in which the sensors have had the CFA removed (Meaning, originally color cameras, re-worked to monochrome).

Additional export options:

  1. Uncompressed TIFF  - to save an uncompressed TIFF file.
  2. 16-bit output: write RGB export as 16-bit TIFF file (RAW composite/channel export is always 16 bit).

    Note: 16-bit output available only in 64-bit version of RawDigger due to available memory restrictions.
  3. The option Add EXIF tags from RAW file allows copying the EXIF data from the source RAW file to the exported  TIFF file.
  4. Embed ICC profile will embed ICC profile into resulting file (RGB rendering export only).
  5. Open exported file with default application the resulting file will be opened by your default application associated with TIFF files.

Data export as TIFF is available only in Research and Profile Editions of RawDigger.


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