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Hi. When you select the Photo->Enhance option in Lightroom Classic CC (herinafter referred to as LR), the result is a DNG file more than twice the size of the original. However, using RawDigger, I don't see a bit of difference between the Enhanced version and the original. What is LR doing to the file, and where are the results in the DNG file?



Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

Interesting question, we will look into it.

> What is LR doing to the

> What is LR doing to the file

ACR/LR will produce a linear DNG file - they will use a better "AI-driven" demosaick process ... why do you expect RD to show any material for RD purposes difference at all other than the usual difference demosaicked linear vs regular one ?


For starters, I'm looking for

For starters, I'm looking for the visible tag in RD which shows the "enhanced" file has been demosaiced. Perhaps I'm looking right at it and not seeing it? Second, the stats reported by RD for the enhanced image versus the base DNG are exactly the same, down to the last decimal point. Either the results of the enhancement are limited to one low order bit here or there (in which case, who really cares?), or, perhaps they are being stored in a way RD does not recognize.

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

Linear DNGs (demosaicked files) will still have 3 channels even if the original raw file has 4 channels. 

And the answer is ... at least part of the answer ...

OK. Looks as if at least some of the answers to my original question can be found be looking more carefully at RD.

1) In the enhanced DNG version, there are XMP tags "Enhanced Details Already Applied: Yes" and "Enhance Details Version: 18461492".

2) The original DNG file contains 1 frame.

3) The enhanced DNG file contains 6 frames.

4) In the enhanced file, frame 1 appears to be an exact copy of the original DNG file, not demosaiced.

5) Frames 2-6 of the enhanced file all appear to contain the same image, which is derived from the original. Perhaps the images from frames 2-6 are alpha-blended with the demosaiced original to create the enhanced image?

Dear Sir:

Dear Sir:

we've implemented better multi-image DNG support in RawDigger 1.3 (beta):

By default, Enhanced frame is enabled to show (to change: Preferences - Data Processing - Vendor Specicfic - DNG - Show Enhanced frame checkbox). It is selectable via Frame: selector on the RawDigger main window bottom. Usually, Enhanced frame is #2.

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