Canon EOS R5 support


I'm new to RawDigger. I was pleased t see that it already supports the new Canon R6 RAW files.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to support the EOS R5 RAW files.

I was just wondering about how long it usually takes for RawDigger to support new Canon cameras?


Right now we have only

Right now we have only limited set of EOS R5 samples. If you have the camera on hand, could you please shot for us:

 - all compression methods (standard RAW, all CRAW modes)

 - all crops (Fullframe, APS-C, others if available)

 - Dual pixel raw shot

To send samples to us please use any file sharing service (dropbox, google, WeTransfer/Free option) and send the link to

Canon EOS R5

I don't have the camera at this time. I'm trying to play with the sample images on the DPR site.



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