RawDigger 1.2.1

Changes/New features

  • Fixed information window sizes for HiDPI screens
  • .EIP files handling requires less memory
  • Support for all  floating point and 16-bit integer DNG via Adobe DNG SDK
  • Support for uncompressed 12-bit files from Nikon 1 series
  • Support for uncompressed Sony A7xx files
  • Exiftool updated to version 10.02
  • Support for the following cameras is added:
    • DXO One
    • Leica S (Typ 007)
    • Olympus E-M10 Mark II
    • Ricoh GR II
    • Sony A7S-II

RawDigger 1.2.0

Changes/New features

  • Fixed a bug causing wrong indication of exposure parameters in histogram window title.
  • New data formats supported:
    • BlackMagic 1:3 compression (BlackMagic URSA CinemaDNG)
    • Pentax K-3 II 4-shot mode:
      • new setting Data Processing - Vendor specific - Pentax K3-II - Merge data for 4-shot frames to merge 4 shots into one 4-channel (with 2 green channels)
  • Support for DNG files containing floating point data:

    Obtaining Device Data for Color Profiling

    RawDigger Target with Grid Placed

    The RawDigger Profile Edition is successfully used for creating device data for color profiling of photo cameras; the profiles can be used for RAW conversion.

    The Profile Edition allows one to digitize RAW values directly from the shot of the target, and export the results in the standard CGATS format, which can be read by most profiling software, including the free Argyll and DCamProf. The values can also be exported in the CSV format.

    Using a separate shot of a grey card, or any matte surface ("Flat field"), compensation for target lighting non-uniformity (both for intensity and for white balance) can be done.

    Dynamic Range: Your Fair Share of Flare and Glare

    Lens Flare

    Fairly often, the dynamic range of a camera is calculated in a perfunctory manner, based only on measurements derived from the sensor and electronics, and ignoring the limitations to the dynamic range imposed by glare and flare.

    Glare and flare, two effects very well known in photography, occur due to the reflections and scattering of the light in the optical system comprised of the lens, any filters or adapters on the lens, the camera chamber (which, incidentally, includes the autofocus/autoexposure module located at the bottom of the camera chamber in many dSLRs), and the sensor sandwich itself.

    It is very important to realize that glare effects, being so fluid, are hard to automatically recognize and compensate for in RAW conversion and post-processing. Let’s make a rough estimation of the effect of the flare and glare using the following simple method:

    RawDigger 1.1.5

    Changes/New features

    • Restoring the positions of program windows: before restoring the position of a window position check is performed for every window (main program window, table with sample data / measurements, histogram windows) to ensure window visibility for current monitor configuration, and that at least the title bar of a window is visible
    • OS X 10.10: support for new Drag'n'Drop API (file://.id=)
    • File export dialogue is reworked to address those rare cases when it causes program crash under OS X
    • Exiftool updated to version 9.95

    RawDigger 1.1.4

    Changes/New features

    • Adopted for small screens:
      • Histogram window minimum height reduced if Histogram RGGB mode is set to Average G1 and G2 or to G1 only
      • New setting Misc Options - Place EXIF button on bottom bar cleans space in metadata area (this setting takes effect after program restart)
    • Exiftool updated to version 9.90
    • New Camera Support:
      • Canon 5DS and 5DS R (full resolution RAW only, not tested in sRAW/mRAW modes)
      • Fujifilm X-A2 and XQ2

    RawDigger 1.1.3

    Changes/New features

    • New Action: Menu - File - Close File:
      • closes the current file, frees up memory
      • closes all additional windows (samples, histograms)
      • changes the current folder to %HOME%/Pictures or %HOME%

      Useful when working with removable media (flash cards, and others), allows to un-mount and eject the device without closing RawDigger

    RawDigger 1.1.2


    • Windows: RawDigger adds itself to 'Open With' list for the supported file types / extensions.
    • OS X: Upon the first start of RawDigger it will be added to the OpenWith list for the extensions, supported in RawDigger (this list appears if Control-click or right-click is pressed while in Finder)
    • Exiftool updated to version 9.77
    • Additional camera support:
      • Fujifilm X100T
      • Leaf Credo 50
      • Leica M-P, X (Typ 113)
      • Olympus STYLUS1s
      • Panasonic GM1s, GM5
      • Pentax K-S1, Q-S1
      • Samsung NX1


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