RawDigger 0.9.16


New functionality and major improvements

  • Support for non-Bayer RAW files (sRAW, linear DNG, multishot mode).
    Before display, YCC-coded files are converted to RGB through LibRaw/RawSpeed.
  • Support for lossy-compressed DNG format (introduced in Lightroom 4).
  • Correct processing of the files containing 1 to 3 channels:
    • the correct number of columns (and rows) is displayed in the tables;
    • unused histogram slots are displayed as grey rectangles;

RawDigger 0.9.15


New functionality and major improvements

  • Data conversion while saving the table of measurements:
    • The table for flat field calculation can be saved
    • Normalization using the saved table for flat field calculation can be applied.
    • White balance calculation for a user-selected patch can be performed.
    • Normalization based on user-selected brightest patch and gamma compensation can be applied.

RawDigger 0.9.14


New functionality and major improvements

  • The list of recently opened files is moved to a separate sub-menu and now has slots for 25 files.
  • Added convenience for processing color targets for profiling and field (non-)uniformity analysis (Selection Grid).
  • Added an option to filter out bad pixels in raw files produced by Panasonic cameras.
  • Changed the display of metadata in raw files:

    RawDigger 0.9.13


    New functionality and major improvements

    • Improved: Most of the time-consuming operations are now performed using parallel processing, to the effect that opening a file and computing statistics and histogram is 3 to 5 time faster if performed on a 4-core processor.
    • New: Display of blown-out and underexposed areas. The values for under-   and overexposure can be adjusted through 
      Preferences -> Over/Under Exposure
      Please see the manual for the detailed description.
    • New: Open Next or Previous file in the current directory.
      This can be done either through File menu or using the hotkeys: Ctrl + Arrow Right, Ctrl + Arrow Left on a Windows platform; Cmd + Arrow Right, Cmd + Arrow Left on OS X.
      The sorting order for these commands is set in
      Preferences - Misc Options - File sort order for Next/Previous.
    • New: To open Raw files RawDigger now defaults to RawSpeed library, which is much faster than the standard one. The user can change this default through
      Preferences -> Data Processing -> Use RawSpeed library for file decoding.
      If using RawSpeed the following options can't be changed:
      • Data Processing -> Sony ARW2 Hack is always On,
      • Data Processing -> Linear Raw Curve is always Off.

      In order to set these options differently the user needs to switch off the option to use RawSpeed library. This is because RawSpeed library does not support all the options standard processing does.

    • New: On a Windows platform the user has the control to allow and disallow running multiple instances of the program, using
      Preferences - Misc Options - Run single Program instance.
      If single instance mode is On, starting a new RawDigger process results in the following:
      1. The new process passes the file name that was used to start it (if the file name was passed to to the process as a command-line parameter) to the already existing process.
      2. New process is terminated normally.

      The user can force mode off if RawDigger is started with newinstance parameter like: RawDigger -newinstance [file name]. This will cause the new RawDigger process to start; the process started like that will not accept file names from other RawDigger processes. On an OS X platform new RawDigger instances can be started via Terminal.

    RawDigger 0.9.11


    • Program work has become faster:
      • Processing of parameter changes (Data Processing) has been optimized:
        • the file is reopened only if Linear Raw Curve or ARW2 Hack are changed and only if changes in these settings are significant for the current open file.
        • when Black Level settings are changed, no re-reading of RAW file takes place.
      • Multithreaded RGB rendering (for dual-core and multicore CPUs),program speed increases up to sixfold on quad-core CPU with HyperThreading switched on
      • Multithread subtraction of black level.
      • Accelerated calculation of image statistics.
    • Work with Clipboard:
      • the EXIF data can be copied to Clipboard
      • the selected rows from the Samples table can be copied to Clipboard
    • Bug fixes:
      • When Autoscale was set to On and the black level exceeded the maximum value in the image, the program crashed in an attempt to show the raw image.
      • When Reset Black Level on File load was set to On, indication of black level on the button in the program status bar did not change when the next file was opened.
      • The Cancel button in the file opening progress dialog did not function.
    • Cosmetic changes:
      • Image size limit at which RGB rendering is switched off is set by the user. The standard values are 90Mpix for 64-bit systems and 30Mpix for 32-bit ones.
      • Histogram: vertical lines corresponding to fractional values are also drawn to the right of the rightmost integer value; the fractional lines are not drawn outside the histogram field.
      • When the black level is set automatically, the set level is indicated on the black level setting button in the bottom status line.

    RawDigger 0.9.10

    Changes in short (see details)

    • Integrated ExifTool utility for detailed EXIF/Makernotes display.
    • Improved handling of very big Raw files.
    • "Sony ARW2 Hack" for more detailed Sony files inspection.
    • Improved Histogram display.
    • Samples and Selections are movable by mouse.
    • Many minor interface changes.
    • Several minor bugs eliminated.

    Beware the Histogram

    Rawdigger. Raw Histogram

    The histogram for an image and the overexposure warning are meant (in theory) for objective verification of the image while shooting and adjustment of shooting parameters according to the indications in the preview window one can see the overexposed areas right away, and the histogram displays the overall distribution of tones on the shot.

    The goal of this article is to elaborate on the procedure of juxtaposing the camera histogram and the real raw data, as opposed to merely provide settings and numbers. This, among other reasons, was why the shooting conditions were not exactly typical.

    We used a 5D Mark II camera with a 2.0.9 firmware and at 200 ISO. For other cameras, different shooting conditions, possibly other ISOs, and other firmware, separate measurements are to be performed.

    RawDigger 0.9.9


    • Added an option to set selection in pixel coordinates (Menu-Selection-Set Selection by Numbers)
    • Changed the behavior of Preferences dialogue to make it more intuitive
    • Reduced the amount of memory used
    • Data Processing settings (Subtract Black and its modes, Linear Curve) now affect the RGB on-screen rendering
    • When "Masked Pixels" parameter is changed:
      • the selection area is re-calculated to preserve the selection position relative to the image (that is, selection coordinates are changed)
      • if "Masked Pixels" is turned off the selection areas that include masked pixels are deleted
    • New Preferences parameter: Use Regional settings when saving CSV/CGATS.
      • If it is switched on, the decimal separator is set in accordance to the system settings; and if decimal separator is set to period (".") in system settings - a semicolon (";") is used for separating fields in CSV/CGATS files
      • If the parameter is switched off, period (".") is used as the decimal separator, and comma (",") is used as the field separator.


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